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Standard Time Management with REFA

目标与内容 Objectives and Content

Industrial process times comprise both manual labour times such as assembly work as well as equipment related times such as set-up or machining times. Process times are the basis of any successful industrial production by forming the basis for costs, wages, and, thus, your product pricing on the market. This course gives an overview on how to determine industrial standard times that are realistic and fair for the involved workers. The course introduces the principles of the German REFA method alongside the American MTM method.

工业操作时间包括手工劳动时间(例如装配工作)以及设备相关时间(例如设置或加工时间)。 操作时间是任何成功的工业生产的基础,通过形成成本,工资的基础,从而形成市场上的产品定价。 本课程介绍如何制定标准工时与改善工作流程。 本课程将介绍德国REFA方法的原理以及美国MTM方法。

参加对象 Target Group

Industrial Engineers, Process Planners, Logistics Planners, Industrial Supervisors and Executives.


大纲 Outline

Basics and terminology of standard time management

Assessing human process performance

Conducting process time measurements (time studies)

Determining contingency allowance times (personal, fatigue, delay)

Using available templates and software REFA vs. MTM  





使用可用的模板和软件 REFA与MTM

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