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Management Transition & Managing Performance

目标与内容Objectives and Content

As an individual contributor or a manager, the job scope is more defined on how to timely complete a certain given task. While being promoted to a manager position, being able to utilize engineers’ hard and soft thinking skills to managerial position would be essential for effective team development. From another perspective, it requires a different mindset, as his or her role has been shifted to manage a team, how to manage subordinates' performance and to give feedback, etc. This program is tailored for those managers, who were previously in engineer or individual contributor positions, to explore diversity required in the workplace and their management approaches.


参加对象 Target Group

Managers with technical background or engineers or individual contributors promoted to be a manager, proficiency in English communication.


大纲 Outline

Transition - Engineer and/or individual contributor to Manager

The Role of Being an Effective Manager Operational

Differences - Engineer Individual vs Managerial Team Approaches

Managing Diversity and Communication

Styles Delegation and Creating Shared Visions - Forming a Highly Effective Team



操作上的差异 - 工程师 vs 管理方法


授权及创造共享的远见 - 组建高效的团队

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