Jan 10 until Jan 11

Global Leadership and Talent Development

目标与内容Objectives and Content

Motivation, jobs satisfaction and work performance are inter-related. High labor turnover rate or a leader without being able to provide shared vision would no longer sustain competitive advantage. How to retain, develop current and potential talents would be important for being an effective leader. This 2-day program will explore how effective leadership can influence positive team performance and retain global talents.

成功的领导人在延续企业文化时,不应在于模仿别人的管理或企业文化模式﹔领导人应从广义的角度,体会多元化经营模式的可行性,了解内部团队的共识方向,从而找到属于该企业的文化特质,才能真正将经营的理念,落实于策略执行。这两天的课程将学习身为一为跨文化经理人, 如何落实领导力与团队因材施教的潜能培育。

参加对象 Target Group

Managers or general participants who are interested in leadership skills and talent development, English Proficiency.


大纲 Outline

The role of manager or leader A Leader in managing risk vs a leader in managing crisis/chaos Developing strategic thoughts and how to reach team consensus Human dimensions in global leadership - coaching, facilitation & feedback skills Managing Emotions - Global leadership EQ development Balance the quantitative and the qualitative teamwork Definition of talent and how to motivate and retain global talents Managing a global team - managing diversity, change, and beyond

经理人和领导人的区别 风险管理与危机处理的领导人 执行力与策略逻辑思考的团队领导 团队人性化的管理 跨文化领导人的情绪管理是一切智慧领导的关键 平衡数据领导与情商领导 因材施教, 找出跨文化团队优秀人才, 激励团队潜能发挥 跨文化团队领导力的要件

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