Advertising Opportunities in Training Brochure Shanghai

Thanks very much for your interest in our advertisement of training brochure 2019!

Our training brochure will be distributed under our more than 1700 members in the Shanghai region. Also many visitors and newly interested clients will be able to pick up the Training Program 2019 in our office or at various events.

Therefore this publication is an excellent marketing instrument particularly for HR service and related service providers to draw the attention of their potential clients.

We try to keep the percentage of advertisement to a minimum, therefore the advertisement spots in the AHK Training Brochure 2019 are limited. We only offer eight places for advertisement in this brochure, first come first serve.

The order form below Includes the advertisement options, design and layout requirements and relevant prices.

AHK Training Program Shanghai 2019 (Jan. – Dec.*) Advertising Order Form
(All advertisement options besides the front cover page are available to you).

We ask you to please fill in the attached order form and send it back to wang.xueting(at) signed and stamped by the November 10th 2018.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.