German Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

On a national and regional level the German Chamber of Commerce in China (Mainland) is managed by honorary Directors. These committees are composed of high-ranking business representatives, who support the chamber’s work with their direct managerial input. Additionally, due to their top-level positions in companies and associations, our Directors have an important function as advisors and initiators of contacts for the chamber.

Duties of the Board of Directors:

  • To support and represent the German Chamber of Commerce’s and its members’ interests to Chinese authorities and businesses
  • To coordinate all regional activities and actively integrate regional chambers on a national level
  • To indicate an operational framework defining the management of the national and regional chambers
  • To assume responsibility for the planning, implementation and control of the yearly budget

National Board of Directors in Mainland China

The Chamber’s national directory board is comprised of two representatives from each of the chambers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The role of representative to the national chamber is assumed by the respective regional Chairman of the Board and the Executive Director. Accordingly, the national Board of Directors has six members.

Board in North China | Shanghai | South & Southwest China 

Besides the national committee, each individual chamber is directed by a regional Board of Directors. For a term of two years, this regional board is elected by all members on the chamber’s general assembly. On a regional level the Board of Directors assumes the same responsibilities and holds the same duties as its national counterpart.

Board of Directors in Hong Kong

The Board of Directors of the German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong, which comprise of 13 members, is elected on an annual basis.