Fair Info: China (Chongqing) International Mining Equipment Exhibition 2013

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11.09.2013 | 09:00
13.09.2013 | 15:00
CHONGQING INTERNATIONAL Convention & Exhibition Center

It is currently a big strategic task to promote the development of geological resources, increase the resource reserves and ensure mid-term and long-term stable supply of important energy and mineral resources.

China has abundant resources of all kinds and valuable strategic mineral resources. Due to the fact that there are many low-grade ore and common associated minerals and limited technology conditions in early developments, resources failed to be used effectively and environment hadn’t been protected well. According to the requirements of green mining, efficient production, sustainable development, innovative techniques and equipments are highly needed in all steps like exploration, mineral smelting, and environment protection.

Professional Audience

Audiences include authorities concerned of the domestic government, mining institutes and companies (provincial offices of land and resources, departmental mining authorities and their subordinate geological teams, departmental research academy, geological engineering company, mining exploration company, mining company, mineral processing and smelting company, mining logistics company, mining mechanic equipment trade company, over 420 mining rescue organizations) and government officials, mining companies, exploration institutes, trade companies from over 20 countries and regions including Mid Asia, Iran, ASEAN, Australia, South Africa, the US, Canada, Latin America, Mongolia, Africa. There will be over 35,000 audiences and buyers within the industry will attend this exhibition.

Exhibition Scope

  • Mining equipments and instruments, mining exploration equipment and mapping instruments, transportation device and equipments, tunneling and drilling equipments, mine rescue operation equipments and medical supplies, mineral separation equipments and instruments, aerial cableway, explosive materials, earthmoving equipments, examination and testing technology, mine industry smelting equipments, mineral processing equipments, mining research and service organizations, communication devices for mining, mining information technology and application;
  • Mining category: heading machine, coal cutter, gadder, trolley, driller, water flow technology, support equipment, forklift, half loader, excavator, tramcar, dumper, mine hoist, aerial cableway, scraper conveyer;
  • Engineering machinery: transport cart, shovel car, blade machine, crane, excavator, loading machine, special ore transport vehicle;
  • Environment Protection and Safety: low grade ore development and utilization technology, clearer production technology and equipment, tailing disposal, heavy metal pollution monitoring and processing technology, mine communication equipment, ventilation, lighting, dust removal equipment, care Products, monitoring equipment, rescue equipment;
  • Auxiliary accessories: electrical machine, pump valve, pipeline, bearing, chute liners, steel ball, oil plants, fire resistant material, hardware tool, rubber goods;

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