Assist Optimization and Upgrade for Mould Manufacturing in DMC2017!

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13.06.2017 | 09:00
16.06.2017 - 18:00
Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai


The "2017 China international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment in 2017 (DMC2017 for short)", co-sponsored by China Die & Mould Industry Association and Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd., will be grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from Jun. 13 to Jun. 16, 2017. DMC2017 will take "promote lean and collaborative manufacturing, develop mold and forming technology" as topic, and the exhibition area will exceed 60,000m2 with interaction of five exhibition halls from E1-E5. There will be about thousand exhibitors from nearly 20 countries and regions such as Switzerland, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, France, etc. who participate in the exhibition on the same stage, and the number of audiences would exceed 90,000.

Based on the brand new planning and layout at DMC2017, the hall E1 collectively exhibits the precision machining, automatic manufacturing and measurement system equipment in style of Japan and Europe in order to heavily forge the international exhibition hall;the hall E2 is the equipment and technology integration hall, which focuses on exhibiting the equipment and mould made in Korea , the Taiwan machine tools and measuring equipment; the hall E3 exhibits the precision equipment, cutting tool, 3D additive manufacturing equipment and technology, etc.; the hall E4 exhibits the comprehensive mould and the material forming equipment; the hall E5 is the automobile die and equipment exhibition hall. Except for the original equipment and technology, mould and material section, the exhibit also includes the increase of 3D additive manufacturing, automation, technology and equipment integration, application technology show of laser processing in mould. And the integrated technology, internet technology, and the ecosystem concept of cloud manufacturing in mould manufacturing also sufficiently show its new format in DMC2017. 

As the most authoritative grand annual meeting in China mold and die industry , the exhibition is strongly supported by the local die & mould associations all over the country and mould concentrated area as well as the industry organization at home and abroad. At that time, it's predicted that there will be nearly 30 exhibition groups from Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and Central West which attend the DMC2017 at the same time to guide the industry technology progress and to be in service of "Made in China 2025". 

The concurrent event heavily forged will guide the industry

on many-year and persistence and deep culture, the influential international high-end grand meeting is achieved during DMC. The organizer will pay more attention to the technology leading and industry connection, and achieve the sharing and win-win industry resource at the corresponding period in the exhibition through the connection of "exhibition" and "meeting". 

Event of the industry

The 8th Secondary Council of CDMIA and Die and Mould Industry Development Conference will bring you the policy interpretation, economic analysis, industry environment and international situation, which expands the new idea and thought for the strategic development of entrepreneur. 

Technology section

  • Convene many high-end technology forums and technology report meetings, expand the collaboration of enterprises and innovation team of Science and Technology Institutes in connection of the world top-class technology enterprises in each field to guide the development of mould manufacturing technology. Including: Cutting-edge Technology on Punching and Die Molding Seminar (plan to mainly introduce the Germany Schuler), Plastic Forming and Molding Technology Seminar (plan to mainly introduce the Engel Company/ KraussMaffei company /SPI Society of Plastics Industry) and New Technology of Die Casting Mould Seminar (plan to mainly introduce the Japan Die Casting Association. 
  • Hold the Technical Forum for Mould Automation Manufacturing and Molding Integration, 3D Manufacturing and Molding technology seminar, Summit Meeting of Automobile Lightweight Manufacturing Technology and Mould Technology, achieve the extraordinary dialogue among technology suppliers, industry chain supplier and mould enterprises in many targeted high-end technology forums and meetings. 

Market expansion section

In order to proactively assist all exhibitors at DMC2017 to expand domestic and foreign market, the large-scale international match-makings at DMC2017 are intensely being prepared. Including:  international match-making of China international die and mould parts; match-making of top 500 VVIP purchases in global manufacturing /OBP overseas buyers. 

Top supplier selection 

  • Continue carrying out the activity for selection assessment of manufacturing equipment supplier, design manufacturing software provider, and material supplier of top mould:China Die & Mould Industry Association will still carry out the selection of excellent suppliers on the basis of the suppliers' product level, market occupancy level, service satisfaction and other industry contribution indexes in mould industry by adoptingthe opinions in mould industry, which has been a pattern so far. And the selection is assumed as the effective approach to pay attention to the exhibits connotation in exhibition and communicate the upstream and downstream industries. 
  • Carry out the selection activity of the end-users experts in odd year for the first year: In order to better provide the mould enterprises with the targeted multiple connection service and further promote the communication and interaction of die industry and the die-related industry with the downstream industry, China Die & Mould Industry Association will carry out the activities on mould excellent suppliers in the users' and experts' assessment to the exhibits (product level) from mould enterprise and the overall ability level (equipment, technology, management, market evaluation) of enterprise at the DMC.

Domestic excellent mould brands collectively exhibit, guiding the precise manufacturing of mould

Industry upgrading and mould first! China is the great power in manufacturing industry, and the latest technology for mould manufacturing is widely applied in China auto, IT product, mechanical and electrical equipment and basic components industry as well as building materials household industry and other mould large user. Meanwhile, Chinese development in the industry of high-speed rail and rail transit train, the medical device industry, commercial aircraft industry, etc. also depends on the advanced mould processing manufacturing technology. The mould manufacturing service nearly covers the whole manufacturing industry, and the mould supports the product optimization and industry update in manufacturing industry, so its title of the "industry mother" is well-deserved. The year of 2016 was the beginning year for Chinese economic development enters "the 13th Five-year Plan", and the total sale amount of Chinese mould was predicted to reach RMB 180 billion in 2016. Chinese mould industry keeps the situation for stable development, further acceleration of transformation and update, and the clear and predictable prospect of quality improvement and effect increase. 

At DMC2017, there will be about 500 most representative Chinese die and mould enterprises which grandly appear in hall E4 and E5. 178 Chinese key backbone mould enterprises, 32 mould export key enterprises and 9 state-level mould technologies will exhibit the latest development technology of Chinese mould manufacturing at the same stage. 

The hall E4 will converse manufacturers of various mould and material forming technologies, plastic machinery and pressure machinery as well as other domestic famous mould manufacturers to show the integrated manufacturing results and lightweight products; The local die & mould association groups of near thirty mould clusters from provinces, cities and areas will collectively attend DMC2017 to unprecedentedly exhibit the local mould industry style. 

Various rich automobile mould and product exhibits at DMC2017 will continue heavily forging the hall E5 to show the style of Chinese automobile mould enterprises, to comprehensively show the automobile mould manufacturing and automobile part forming, to highlight the white body solution based on the integration of mould, gauge and fixture, outer covering part mould development, large-scale interior mold, headlights mould, rapid economic molds, etc. All giants in Chinese automobile mould industry: FAW Mould, Tianjin Auto Mould, SSDT, Chengfei Jicheng, Push Mould, Yesun Mould, JAC, Sunrise Auto Mould & Die, RAYHOO, Vision Tool & Mould, will appear in the exhibition to collectively exhibit Chinese high-end automobile manufacturing level and development direction. 

Various high-end precision machining, automation and molding equipment will appear in the exhibition together

  • High precision machining equipment is devoted to developing the innovative process technology with high precision and high surface quality which meet the strict requirements for high, refined, sharp mould manufacturing to size accuracy, and some innovative core technologies are needed for the accuracy of curve shape. DMC2017 will converge the most advanced machining center and high-speed milling, CNC grinding machine, CNC non-traditional machine tool,  measuring instrument, cutting tools, fixture and other high-precision products in the global to collectively show current cutting-edge manufacturing level of precision machining. 
  • The hall E1 and E2 will heavily forge the international exhibition area with European styles, Japanese styles such as GFMS, Makino, Sodick, Mitsubishi, etc. as main styles to form collective exhibition area of precision machining manufacturing machining tool, and coordinates the automatic and top measuring enterprises, such as Hexagon, Fanuc, Zeiss, Wenzel, etc. to exhibit the automatic production line concept of mould. Beijing Jingdiao will participate in the exhibition in large scale by virtue of the top-level numerically-controlled machine tool and refined processing technology to forge the top-level manufacturing technology and concept exhibition platform in mould industry.
  • Taiwan exhibition group will appear at site and compete the technology soft power at exhibition. Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry and ChanChao International Co., Ltd. jointly will jointly organize Taiwan Machine Tool Enterprises exhibit in the hall E2 and E3 respectively. The exhibition area with "Taiwan Image Hall" is about 500 m2 and the number of enterprises attending the exhibitions is near 40, including CAXA, Eman, CAD, Findersoft and other mould software enterprises which  will appear in the exhibition to continue showing the development of Chinese mould industry in informatization, automation and intellectualization.
  • The hall E3 adds the special area of 3D printing additive manufacturing technology. DMC2017 will forge DMC-SAMA 3D printing special area with Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association (SAMA) by the win-win co-operation in this year. 3D enterprise exhibitors in the previous years include: 3D SYSTEMS, STRATASYS, Malu Technology, Creaform, Shaanxi Hengtong, Sunshine, Ureal, etc. The famous 3D enterprises at home and abroad will partcipate in the mould industry to jointly explore the technology combination and complementation of 3D and mould.
  • Laser equipment will become new lightspot. The laser new technology exhibition area will focus on exhibiting the laser superposition manufacturing of mould, reinforcement and remediation on mould surface, laser processing replacement of mould stamping processing. At that time, the famous full-automatic laser processing complete equipment integrator -- Switzerland GF machining solution and Han's Laser Intelligent Equipment Group will heavily appear at site of DMC2017. 
  • The cutting tool high-end cluster orderly converges the important cutter tool suppliers at home and abroad. Except for OSG, MST, Huiersun and other international famous cutter tool enterprises, the domestic cutter tool enterprises will also bring new solutions. These enterprises will jointly provide more efficient cutting tool products for the mould industry to highlight the overall solution of equipment and tools and whole process for manufacturing.
  • Material section appears on stage of DMC2017, and all global mould material enterprise giants appear. The exhibition booth scale of international giants, such as Assab, Sij, Ds-Form Tek, Schmolz + Bickenbach Ag, France Erasteel, Bohler, Italy Verona, Daido Steel, Hitachi Metals, Alcoa, etc., is expanded somewhat; Domestic bosses: Lung Kee Group, Dongbei Special Steel, Shanghai Baosteel, Tiangong International, etc. closely follow up. The enterprises at home and abroad compete at the same stage, which brings the unprecedented agglomeration effect of die steel and material enterprises and provides the mould industry with the more high-quality material solution with competitiveness. 

Open up the upstream and downstream industry chain in all directions to seek the business opportunity for the exhibitors! 

DMC Committee is devoted to opening up the upstream and downstream industry chain in all directions, proactively deepening industry and organizing the top-notch industry buyer and professional audience with strength in order to seek more business opportunity for the exhibitors. 

With unprecedented visiting group organization strength, DMC2017 will unite near hundred professional visiting groups from the manufacturing industry agglomeration region, industrial park, user industry association, large-scale manufacturing enterprise and other organizations to form the super popularity of "Hundred-Regiment Campaign". 

The principal in Mould Department, Purchasing Department, Research and Development Department and Technology Department of world top 500 manufacturing enterprises, such as Apple, Shanghai Siemens, GE, Schneider, 3M, Shanghai GM, Volvo Cars, Faurecia, Bosch, SKF, Schaeffler, Honeywell, Yanfeng Visteon, etc., participate in the DMC2017, and the procurement intention and interested products of these VVIP visitors are concentrated to issue to all exhibitors. DMC2017 assists the promotion of one-to-one connection between procurer and exhibitor at site, winning business opportunity for exhibitors! 

Expand the overseas market, improve the international influence of brand! 

Now, DMC has been mould exhibition with the largest scale in the global and is the window that China mould manufacturing faces the world. We strive to seek for more overseas propaganda and cooperation method to constantly improve the international influence of DMC brand. 

  • DMC has cooperated with Japanese MF-TOKYO exhibition organizer, namely the JFMA Japanese Forging Machinery Association (JAMA) for many years, they have reached good partnership and mutually support the propaganda.
  • DMC has established long-term cooperation with over 180 relevant overseas industry associations, Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, such as Japan Jetro, German Chamber of Commerce AHK, etc. 
  • The organizer goes overseas to participate in Germany AMB Stuttgart Metal Processing Exhibition, K-show and European Sheet Metal Exhibition EuroBlech, propagandizes and promotes the DMC2017 at high-quality overseas exhibition in order that more overseas personnel and institutions know the development of Chinese mould and the trade and business cooperation is established by virtue of DMC platform. 
  • DMC will continuously launch the high-quality overseas professional audience visiting planning - Overseas Buyer Program (OBP) to directionally visit the personnel in overseas auto and auto parts, plastic & rubber, electrical appliances manufacture, medical instruments and other industries to participate in. It will provide free hotel accommodation, traffic and site trade pairing service. It's predicted to reach better effect on the basis of condition in the last year.
  • The overseas media cooperation will also cover the global important countries and regions for manufacturing, such as Europe ETMM, Japan FNA and Britain Expopromoter media and professional service cooperation in order to assist the market expansion in Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea, and Southeast Asia region. 

Focus on mould industry for over thirty years, strive to build the most professional China international mould exhibition! 

With over thirty-year careful creation, DMC has developed into a mould exhibition with the largest scale in the global. It provides the important platform for the enterprises to carry out the technology communication, economic cooperation and equipment procurement, develop the market and expand trade under the overall background of international capacity cooperation and the crossing merging of manufacturing technology. The organizer will constantly seek for innovation and breakthrough, deepen industry for intensive cultivation in order to exhibit new technology and to embody the innovation of high-end manufacturing, and rely on the guidance of the most popular frontier technology in the global with the precision device and mould manufacturing mutually existed, forging one session of professional brand mould industry with the whole industry chain aggregation. 

If you are interested in participation or learn more DMC 2017 details, please feel free to contact us.


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