Vocational Training Mainland China

We provide long-term vocational training partnering up with vocational schools and companies in China. 

The trainings are organized according to the German dual system of vocational education which combines theoretical learning and practical training.While theoretical training takes place at school the vocational education is directly linked to the workplace itself. This means that theoretical and practical knowledge are applied in specific situations, imparting the training and knowledge necessary for a skilled job. Hands-on and action orientated learning are our key methods.

Following Vocational Training Centers are founded and coordinated by AHK:

Cien Shiung Vocational Training Center (CSI) in Taicang

  • Since September 2007
  • Subjects: Toolmaker, Mechatronics

Wuxi College of Science and Technology (WCST) in Wuxi

  • Since September 2010
  • Subjects: Industrial Mechanics, Mechatronics

Jinan Institute of Technology in Jinan

  • Since September 2011
  • Subjects: Industrial Mechanics

Changzhou Institute of Mechatronic Technology

  • Location: Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Course duration: 3 years
  • Trainees: Mechatronics

AHK supports and certifies also external vocational training projects!

Further Education

We offer Further Education for trainers (company/schools), skilled workers and unskilled workers in different fields of the vocational education

Available short term trainings:

  • Maintenance (1-3 weeks)
  • CNC Education – Made in Germany (2-3 month) in cooperation with the company DMG 
  • Customized short term trainings

Further information:

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East China (Shanghai Competence Center)


Britta Buschfeld

Director, Vocational Training

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Wilhelm Dittrich

Head of Department, Recruitment, Training & Vocational Training

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DAI Qiufang

Manager | Vocational Training

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CHEN Liwei

Deputy Director | Vocational Training

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South & Southwest China


Frances Qiu

Head of Department

+86-(0)20 8755 8208
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