One of the most important factors involved in running a successful business in China is the acquisition of qualified local staff. However, finding qualified employees is not an easy task.

German companies have high expectations that must be met by job candidates and fluctuation and scarcity of skilled employees make it difficult to recruit staff which are willing to make a long-term commitment to a company. Without external help, it is often extremely difficult to find multilingual, skilled personnel, especially professionals qualified in areas such as marketing, logistics, quality control and production management. We have the experience and network to help you find the best person for the job.

  • Develop a concrete and individualized profile of requirements against which to measure the applicants.
  • Write advertisements for job positions.
  • Select the best medium to search for personnel and place the advertisement for you.
  • Conduct the first interview.
  • Screen and select the  best applicants for the job.
  • Organize interviews with selected candidates.
  • Engage in comprehensive management of applicants and candidates.
  • Manage online job markets.
  • Provide updated information packages concerning some aspects of personnel management in China.


North China


Dr. Oliver Prüfer

Head of Human Resources
Head of Recruitment & Training

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East China


ZHANG Qianqian

Project Manager | Recruitment, Training & Vocational Training Services

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South & Southwest China


Frances Qiu

Head of Department

+86-(0)20 8755 8208
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Hong Kong


Sabine Florian

Executive Director

+852 2526-5481
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