Company Name: Spektrum Forst GmbH

Given Name and Surname of the General Manager: Stephan Zippel

Foundation Year: 2015

Country in which the Company is located: Germany

Industry, type of business: Forestry, Trading with hardwood

Products or services offered: 

The forestry company produces various types of logs and lumber, e.g. beech, white oak, red oak, maple, poplar, pine.

What kind of business contacts is the company looking for? Manufacturing partner

Specification for business contacts: Sawmill, Manufacturing Partner

Description of the project proposal: 

Spektrum Forst GmbH is interested in cooperation with companies which constantly buy logs/lumber and companies producing finger jointing. 

In which region of China is the company looking for business partners? Mainland China, Hong Kong

Contact person: 

Mr. Stephan Zippel
+49 160 9279 01 02

Preferred communication language: German, English

Company address: Aachener Str. 191, 52249 Eschweiler, Germany

Company website:

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SUN Qitong

Project Manager, Market Entry & Delegations

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