Press release: Demand for fair investment conditions and unrestricted market access for German companies in China

18.11.16 German Industry & Commerce, Press Release

As export-oriented countries, both Germany and China rely on open markets. In addition to close political relations, both countries share a history of outstanding economic success, which is reflected in their export figures as well as their foreign direct investments. Alongside the US and the EU, China is the most important market for the German industry. It is of central importance to the economic success of a large number of German companies.

An open investment climate and fair investment conditions are core components of the German economy. The fact that Chinese companies invest in Germany strengthens Germany as a business location. Investment decisions taken from an entrepreneurial point of view should not be put into question by politics as long as they are in accordance with the legal framework.

Chinese companies are largely unhindered in their investments in Germany. The same conditions should also apply to German companies in China. Instead, German companies in China continue to be faced with various barriers to market access, such as a joint venture requirements resulting in a comprehensive transfer of technology in certain industries, like the automotive or rail industry, or restrictions of access to public tenders or product approval procedures. Moreover, the lack of intellectual property protection and insufficient legal certainty hamper both market entry and market development for German companies in China.

The Chinese market offers great cooperation opportunities for German companies, such as the German "Industry 4.0" initiative in conjunction with the Chinese "Made in China 2025" strategy, or with regard to topics of energy and resource efficiency. However, German companies in China should also be able to actively take part in technologically interesting areas, unhindered and with equal treatment as their Chinese counterparts.

Therefore, the delegations of the German industry in China continue to call for an open dialogue on the continuous improvement of the economic policy framework, a further opening of the market access as well as the equal treatment of German and Chinese companies in China.

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