DIHK-Economic-Survey February 2017: Higher exports despite political risks

09.02.17 AHK China - News-Hauptkategorie, German Industry & Commerce, Market Information

(DIHK) Companies are looking forward to the 2017 business year with confidence. The expectations of businesses are brightening up again. The main drivers are manufacturing and the construction industry. Export companies are counting on world trade overcoming its weak phase and expect demand from abroad to grow. However, more businesses are again referring to the business risk of "economic policy framework conditions" - particularly in internationally-oriented sectors such as manufacturing or the transportation industry. The concerns about energy and commodity prices are also growing significantly. In addition, the growth in consumers' purchasing power is not quite as strong as in previous years. For this reason, the optimism in consumer-related industries is hardly growing anymore.

The DIHK forecasts an economic growth of 1.6 percent for Germany in 2017 (compared to 1.2% forecast autumn 2016).

The results of the DIHK-Economic-Survey February 2017 were presented by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) beginning of February in Berlin. The results are based on the responses of more than 27,000 companies that were evaluated by the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

For more details about the DIHK-Economic-Survey February 2017 please have a look at the following documents:

DIHK-Economic-Survey February 2017 (German)
DIHK-Economic-Survey February 2017 Flyer (English)

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