Flash Survey on Wage Trends 2015

Following up on our Annual Wage Survey 2014, the GCC conducted its 3rd Flash Survey on Wage Trends to provide companies with current trends on wage increases.

Language: English
Duration: March 16-20th, 2015
Surveyed companies: 241

The major findings of the survey are:

Average wage increases: Overall, wages at German companies in China are reported to increase by 8.1% in 2015. Average wage increases for blue collar workers are reported to be 8.8%, while average white collar increases are 7.8%. The majority (49.2%) of companies feels that these increases are neutral, while 37.2% perceive them to be high.

Regional developments: Wage increases in the South are slightly higher than those in the North and East. With the exception of Beijing, wage increases in second-tier cities are reported to be marginally higher than those in first-tier cities.

Manufacturing and service wages: Driven by higher wage increases for blue collar workers, wage increases at manufacturing companies are accelerating at a faster rate than those at service companies.

Increases by job position: Over 40% of companies report that mid-level and senior engineering positions have the highest wage increases, followed by rapid increases for sales and blue collar positions. 

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