Practical Tips for your PR-Work in China

Building and fostering positive relationship with the media.

Based on the company’s profile and characteristics, the selection of the key media will be the first stage, which can be either divided into print media, TV, radio and website, or vertical media, mass media and urban media. Normally the company will hire the PR officer to communicate with the media. If not, it has to rely on a PR company to set up its media pool and send out press releases, handling media inquiries, arranging interviews, and so on.

It takes time to build media relations from zero. However, the personal friendship with the Chinese media will be greatly beneficial to the business. The PR workers may spare a part of their time and budget into networking with the journalists, such as meeting, dining, touring, etc. Besides that, the official mutual visits between the companies and the press are indispensible for future cooperation, like written & oral interviews, press releases, etc.

Maintaining and improving your media relationship

To keep a good relationship with the Chinese media requires emotional connection and financial support. This is quite different from German media. German journalists will not mingle their personal relations with work, and they are only financed by their own employers to travel. But this is quite different in China.

What’s more, the personnel fluidity and institutional reforms are very common in the Chinese media nowadays, so the relationship should be fortified regularly. The broad and solid relationship with the Chinese media will pave ways for tackling any contingency afterwards, such as crisis management.

Pre-session communication with the media

If the company has important news or events to raise the public awareness, the short-term but concentrated contacts with the media will be critical. The timetable with tight schedule to communicate with the media is necessary; no matter the schedule is in print or in mind. If the company plans to host a press conference, it should leave half a month to invite the journalists and double check with the participation list one week earlier before the meeting day. The media kit shall be prepared in advance, with press release, personal resumes of speakers and PPT of the speeches inside. And the media kit will be delivered during the media registration period.

Drafting the professional press releases

The press release is deemed as the window to the company. So every detail of it should be paid special attention. Please make prominent title, brief but clear intro. and short text for the press release, with boilerplate in the bottom. The whole article should not look like propaganda that could arouse disgust of the media. The information with valuable news points, like industry news, successful stories, and environment-friendly actions, will be more preferred. As for the Chinese media, the bilingual content, i.e. English and Chinese, is widely accepted and convenient for publication.

After delivering the press release, the media monitoring work is required and the former good relationship with the media may facilitate the smooth communication in case any contingency occurs.

Location selection for your event

In China, the so-called “Face Job” is very important when you are considering the venue of your meeting. If your budget is enough, please choose a fancy hotel rather than a simple meeting room, which may reflect the financial situation of your company directly. And the take-away gifts with the company logo embedded are also welcome among the guests.