Main Media Players in China

Traditional Media: Big Market with Few Champions

According to the latest official statistics from the General Administration of Press and Publication of China (GAPP), there were 1,937 newspapers in mainland China in 2009. Within this amount, influential national newspapers can be estimated to be less than 100. Some of the most important ones include Reference News, Global Times, Southern Weekly, China Daily and Economic Observer

As of today there is no detailed data to show the circulation number of magazines from GAPP. Among the hundreds of different magazines, a few business related ones stick out of the crowd. Their names are Caijing, Century Weekly, Global Entrepreneur and CBN Weekly.

China features two news agencies, namely Xinhua News Agency and China News Service, which publish official government standpoints and views. They are widely quoted by most of the mass media in print and online.

Online Media: Surging but Diversified

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Government owned media with economic focus




Reference News 
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National circulated daily newspaper, with latest news selected from news agencies and other international media; started from 1931.

3.5 million

People's Daily

The most authoritative nationwide daily newspaper, the official organ of the Communist Party.

2.1 million

Global Times

The comprehensive daily newspaper focusing on international news, attached to People’s Daily.

2  million

Economic Daily News

One of the Party newspapers, daily circulated in China, the mouthpiece of the central government to issue economic policies.

500~600 thousand

Economic Information Daily

Published by the Xin Hua news agency, one of the most authoritative nationwide newspapers in economic area.

530 thousand

Guangming Daily

One of the Party newspapers with a lot of prestige; nationwide circulated.

490 thousand

International Business Daily

The subsidiary  to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, with focus on foreign business in China and Chinese investments abroad

380 thousand

China Daily

The first English newspaper in China, the main channel for expats to know China.

300 thousand

China Trade News

Published by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, providing international trade news for the business circle.

168 thousand

China Economic Herald

Published by National Development & Reform Commission, the national economic newspaper.

100 thousand


Influential consumer and business newspapers attached to media groups





Southern Weekly

Published by Nan Fang Group, famous for its in-depth reports with a large group of readership from various levels around China.

1.5 million

21Cn Business Herald 

Published by Nan Fang Media Group, the most influential business newspaper around China.

859 thousand

CBN Daily

The national financial and business daily newspaper, belongs to SMG in Shanghai, Guangzhou Daily Group and Beijing Youth Daily.

796 thousand

Economic Observer 

Belongs to San Lian Media Group in Shandong, famous for its in-depth economic reports, growing remarkably.

600 thousand


Popular urban newspapers in different Chinese Cities




Beijing Evening News

Published by Beijing Daily Group, one the most popular evening newspaper in Beijing.

1 million


Attached to Beijing Youth Newspaper, the popular evening newspaper in Beijing.

350 thousand

Oriental Morning Post

Belongs to Shanghai Wen Hui Xin Min media group, published in Yangtze River delta, morning newspaper.

400 thousand

Shanghai Daily

The English newspaper in Yangtze River delta, published in the morning, also belongs to Shanghai Wen Hui Xin Min media group.

85 thousand

Southern Metropolis Daily

Subsidiary to Nan Fang group with readership concentrated around Pearl River delta, with the highest advertising income among Chinese print media in recent year.

1.84 million


Well-known business magazines in China




China News Week

Belongs to China News Service, with special attention to the latest political news home and abroad.

400 thousand


Used to be the NO.1 economic magazine in China, with the first-hand news concerning economics and politics.

320 thousand

CBN Weekly 
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Published by Shanghai Media Group (SMG), one of the CBN brand series, with focus on financial report and corporate news.

200 thousand

Caixin Century

The former chief editor of CAI JING created this weekly magazine, involving economics and social news in China.

200 thousand

Global Entrepreneur 

One of the mainstream business magazines in China, focusing on entrepreneurs and companies in China and over the world.

112 thousand

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