Digital Market Entry

How can you sell your goods in China without business or joint venture partners, and learn more about your customers and their buying behavior?

The service "Digital market entry" offers German companies direct access to the Chinese market and its consumers. German companies can sell in China legally, without a license and without products labeled specifically for China. You can use tools and collect information about consumers and thus optimize their marketing. We will support you in choosing a sales platform and finding appropriate partners for logistics, warehousing, customs clearance and tax collection.

A Growing Market

In China, more than 640 million people regularly use E-commerce platforms, with over 80% complete their purchase on the Smartphone. By 2018, the user of cross-border E-Commerce will reach 74 million. The success of E-commerce in China was crucially by the two companies in Alibaba and Tencent. Together with further developing party these platforms and WeChat-channel (Tencent) share an average market increase about 20% per year. Western E-commerce platforms are on the market only of marginal importance. 


North China



Head of Media & Communication

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East China



Project Manager Digital Market Entry of Media

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