Brief Introduction

Changxing Economic and Technological Development Zone (CXETDZ) was established in 1992. In 1994, it became a provincial-level development zone with the approval from the Provincial Government, covering a planning area of 47.5 square kilometers and administrative area of 54 square kilometers. It has ranked the Top 10 Development Zones of Zhejiang for 7 consecutive years since 2003, and was nominated The Most Valuable Development Zone for Investment in Yangtze River Delta for two times on end. It was among the First Batch of Ecological Development Zones of Zhejiang Province and the First Batch of Demonstration Parks for International Outsourcing Service.

CXETDZ was upgraded to the state level economic and technological development zone, approved by the state council in 2010. In the same year, it was listed among the First 13 National Demonstrative Zones for Concentrated Application of Photovoltaic Power Generation with the approval from four state commissions and ministries.

It won the title as the Outstanding Development Zone with the Most Contribution in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang New Characteristic Brand Zone of Zhejiang Province (Green Household Appliance) in 2014, Zhejiang Emerging Industries of Strategic Importance-pure Electric Vehicle and Key Components Industry Development Base in 2015.

Location Advantage

With Tianmu Mountain in the west and Tai Lake in the east, Changxing is located at the center of Yangtze River Delta. Within a radius of 150 kilometers of Changxing, 52 medium-to-large cities can be found, which combined a population of 73 million.

Transportation Advantage

CXETDZ is situated at the main artery transportation hub in Yangtze River Delta. Several transportation routes cross right here. It is 145km away from Shanghai, 76km from Hangzhou and 175 km from Nanjing, facing Wuxi and Suzhou across the Tai Lake.

4 expressways: 

Hangzhou-Nanjing; Shanghai-Hefei; Hangzhou-Changxing; Jiaxing-Huzhou (Changxing)

3 railways:

Xinyi-Changxing; Xuanzhou-Hangzhou; Hangzhou-Niutou Mountain

2 high-speed railways:

Changxing high-speed railway station is just in CXETDZ.

Hangzhou-Nanjing high-speed railway; Shangqiu-Hefei-Shanghai high-speed railway (2019)

Through these two high-speed railways, it only takes 32 minutes to Hangzhou, 42 minutes to Nanjing, 40 minutes to Shanghai.

2 national highways:

Highway 104, Beijing – Fuzhou; Highway 318, Shanghai – Lhasa

1 golden waterway: 

Changxing-Huzhou-Shanghai waterway, directly connected to Shanghai port

4 airports:

Within 2 hours driving, we can reach Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, Nanjing Lukou International Airport

Leading Industries

CXETDZ has attracted enterprises from 34 countries and regions such as the US, France, Japan, Italy etc. to settle and invest here, including the world's Top 500 Enterprises such as Whirlpool, Air Chemical Industry, Auchan etc. 

New Energy Vehicle and Key Parts Industry

The representative products are automotive power & energy storage battery, electric cars, electric buses and so forth. With new energy vehicles control system, driving system, vehicle chassis and body as complement, industrial cluster has formed ranging from research& development, design, manufacture to trade. The leading enterprises are Tianneng group, Chilwee group, Geely, KANDI, RuiHua Group, CAPAC. The zone possesses numerous titles such as China Green Power Energy Center, Home of Chinese Battery Industry and Top 50 Industrial Cluster Brand of China successively.

Household Appliance Industry

The zone is one of the largest white household appliance manufacturing bases in Yangtze River Delta and the birthplace of instant electric water heater in China. There are Hisense-Whirlpool, Hisense air-conditioner as leading enterprises as well as other nearly 30 supporting enterprises such as Qingdao Guoen, Hengbang Household Appliance. The major products are large-capacity refrigerator, tumbling-box washer,frequency conversion air conditioner and instant electric water heater. The famous brands are Whirlpool, Hlisense, Kelon, Rongshen and DENTE. It is capable of producing 1 million large-volume refrigerators, 2 million high-end washers and 2.5 million sets of variable frequency air-conditioners.

Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Changxing is one of the main domestic production bases of warehousing logistics equipment. The manual hydraulic carrying vehicles of Changxing accounts for 35% of global market share and rank the first in this industry for many years. There are 25 leading enterprises of its subdivision industry such as Noblift equipment, Fixed star mechanical transmission, Demark, Zhongde machinery and Tianyi machinery, which involve handling equipment, motor, driving parts, textile machinery, metal products, electrical cables and other products.

Producer Service Industry

Based on the Headquarter Economic Park and the professional market area, the zone cultivates ten large-scale producer service projects focusing on the service of science & technology, business, logistics, finance, information. They are Shanghai Jiao tong university--Changxing Huigu Science &Technology Park, Zhejiang University Industrial  Design Center, CAPAC auto Exhibition Center, Hardware Mechanical and Electrical market, Changxing Electronic Business Center, Changxing Xingwang E-Commerce Park, Changxing Remote Finance Service Center, Comprehensive Logistics Park, the State Power & Energy Storage Battery Products Quality  Supervision and Inspection Center,  etc. There is the Taihu Lake Capital Square in the Headquarters Economic Park which focuses on introducing and developing the new finance industries such as finance holding, wealth management, fund investment, financing lease, interment finance, finance agency and so on. It aims at building the "one district two centers ", i.e. the Modem Financial Industry Cluster District, the Fund Investment Management Center and the Folk Financing Service Center" , whose business area is based on Changxing county and can cover the whole country.

International Industry Cooperation Park

Zhejiang Changxing International Industry Cooperation Park is among the first batch of international industry cooperation parks which are mainly to be established by Zhejiang Government, covering a planning area of 5 square kilometers, and 82 hectares for the first phase.

The park is designed by German company FTA and constructed in compliance with advanced German architectural standards, considering the concepts of the cluster of industries, ecological zone, smart city and the people-oriented community, aiming at becoming the outstanding platform of European companies who want to invest in China and offering the best service to them.

Our target is to make the Park to be the new innovative business platform for foreign enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta.

Changxing is the blue collar training base in the Yangtze River Delta.

Natural Environment

With Tianmu Mount on the west and Taihu Lake on the east, Changxing has a beautiful scenic landscape and a harmonious coexistence between human and nature. The climate belongs to subtropical oceanic monsoons, with four distinctive seasons, temperature from -2°C to 38°C and 15.6°C average and annual precipitation 1309mm, suitable for living, work and leisure. Forest coverage rate is 52% and forest greening rate is 55%. Because of our garden-type environment, it was awarded the golden prize of "International Garden City" by the United Nations in 2008.

Living Facilities

In the zone, there are 5 Stars Hotels, supermarkets, library, theatre, schools, hospitals, cultural square and other living facilities all completed, offering a high-end life to enterprises employees, though our average monthly living cost is lower in comparison with that of first-tier cities.

Administrative & Contact

Administrative Committee of Changxing Economic and Technological Development Zone

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Add: No.508 Xianqian Road, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province

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