Featured Investment Zones in China

National Level Pinghu Economic & Technological Development Zone

The City of Pinghu is located in the heart of Yangtze River Delta. It is a neighboring city of China’s financial center, Shanghai. The driving distant from Pinghu to Shanghai city center is merely 70 km.

Cangzhou Bohai New Area

Cangzhou Bohai New Area is located in the southeast coast of Hebei province, which is governing one city and four zones --- Huanghua City, Zhongjie industrial zones, Nandagang industrial zones, the national port economic and technological development zones, with the total area of 2400 square kilometers, population of 600,000, and coastline of 130 km.

Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

Founded in 1992, FHIDZ is one of the first batch national high-tech zones in China. In 2013, it ranked No.3 among the national high-tech zones by comprehensive evaluation in Guangdong.


The Leader of High-End Industrial Real Estate Investments in China

Kuntin Investment Management Group was founded in 2004. It is presently the leader of China’s enterprises in the field of the development and operation of China’s high-end real estate industry.

Become visible for monthly more than 20.000 Sino-German entrepreneurs.

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