Logistics in China

The requirements for the supply chain of a company operating in China was changing rapidly during the last years. Being successful in this business, the services offered must be on a very high level because the customers' claims are also steadily growing.

But, even for logistics providers who think they might have missed the entrance into the chinese market, there are still chances left. 

Most companies still stick to China

The ongoing flow of goods and trade between China and Companies situated in Germany will be a highly considerable factor in the future. Not only because China is gaining importance as a key market with great revenue possibilities. It is not only considered because of the lower production costs but as a good strategic base for the company. Until now, foreign companies are predominant in the eastern coastal regions and the survey’s result makes clear that they want to stay there.

About the Study

The study from PwC “Logistikmarkt in China: all-inclusive?” is based on a telephone survey among 250 Companies. The company pool was by one fith of each chosen from the following industry and business sectors: chemical, machine manufacturing, construction and large-scale plant construction, automotive, trade and consumer goods. The interviews have taken place between March and June 2011 and were accomplished by an independent market research institute (TNS Emnid) which ensured personal data security and anonymity for the interviewees.

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Mr. Klaus-Dieter Ruske

Ms. Christina Ryser

The study was conducted by PWC. Get more information on the official website.