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June 2009







BusinessFocus China – Automobilindustrie ex­plores the dynamic automotive industry in China. Experts from China and around the world provide valuable analytical insight into the automotive market, examining its contextual framework as well as its principal characteristics. Chinese and inter­national market participants will benefit not only from information detailing the challenges and risks facing the passenger car and utility vehicle markets, but also the many opportunities these markets offer. The guidebook takes a practical approach and includes tips and ad­dresses, making it an essential reference for small- and medium-sized automotive companies. Preview

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New Energy Auto Company Directory 2019/2020

The German company directory for the electric vehicle industry (EV industry) and alternative drive engineering is published by the German Industry & Commerce Greater China | Shanghai.
The free handbook contains not only basic introductions of companies but also shows the key information about EV production as well as an index for data, industry classification and initials. The most important German companies of the growing EV industry are represented in this catalogue. This reference book is an excellent choice to enter the booming market in China and an indispensable information source about German EV industry.

New Energy Auto Company Directory (2017/18)
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NEAS 2019/20 Media Data CN
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Sectorial information of Germany Trade & Invest

Motor vehicle industry and automotive parts and accessory (China)
The Chinese automotive market reached in 2009 a new record. With 12.9 mil. sold vehicles (+49.4%) forecasts were largely surpassed. The first quarter 2010 showed with 4.6 mil. sales (+72% comparatively to the same period of last year) that the boom is not over yet. All segments benefit of the high demand. The producers of vehicles with alternative drive systems meanwhile are position for the market entry. German suppliers particpate highly in the import boom; the imports of vehicles "made in Germany are tripling.

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Vehicle industry and automotive parts and accessory(South China / Hongkong)
The year 2009 surprised positively concerning vehicle and vehicle parts and accessory industrie in Hongkong (PRC) and South China. German vehicle deliveries to Hongkong increased in contraste to the general trend. Meanwhile the sales of luxury cars from Germany boomed in the neighbouring Chinese province Guangdong. In April 2010 Volkswagen confirmed to build a production plant in Guangzhou together with its partner FAW. Peugeot announced one month later a joint venture in Shenzhen.

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