Economic Data Sheets


Economic Data Sheet June 2017

In June, FDI into China picks up pace again. Meanwhile growth of imports continues to outpace exports. The data sheet also includes aggregate figures... more


"AHK World Business Outlook" First Half of 2017

The pace of global economic growth is picking up again. After experiencing moderate growth over the past years, the German companies abroad are... more


Economic Data Sheet May 2017

China’s foreign trade and especially imports continue growth. Download the data sheet (in German) more


Economic Data Sheet April 2017

The outlook for both manufacturing and service sector is optimistic, but has decreased to a 7-month low. Foreign trade continues on growth path in... more


Economic Data Sheet March 2017

China's foreign trade has picked up in Q1 with exports increasing by 8.2% (YoY) and imports increasing by 24% (YoY). Download the data sheet (in... more


Economic Data Sheet August 2016

The German Exports to China increased by 10.4% in June (YOY). Download the data sheet (in German) more


Economic Data Sheet July 2016

6,7% GDP growth in line with expectation. Download the data sheet (in German) more

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