diagonal inkasso

diagonal inkasso GmbH supplies all debit-related processes, from one source. Its solutions are maximally transparent. The success of Diagonal GmbH is based on two pillars. Efficient, linked IT and human contact with the end customer. 

ECOVIS Ruide China

Ecovis is an internationally active consulting firm, which has its origin in Germany. In world-wide over 50 countries work more than 4,000 people.

Genis & Genius

Located in Shenzhen, Genis & Genius is an Israeli-German, China-based advisory partners with the core mission to support and facilitate foreign small and medium consumer focused enterprises (SMe) with their China-market entry, adaption and development challenges.

GIC Consulting Services

We help foreign companies and individuals to develop and conduct a marketing strategy for entering Mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, select the channels and partners, and settle all the arrangements, thus providing further support for carrying out subsequent daily business.

Lee & Lee Associates

Lee & Lee Associates was founded in 2005 in Beijing of P.R. China. They are a professional firm dedicated to providing high quality services in accounting, auditing, tax, financial due diligence, investment consulting, and business establishment in China. Lee & Lee Associates established an office in Shanghai in 2011 and another office in Taicang in 2016 to serve foreign customers in major cities in China. 


Ingenics an innovative technical consulting company with Headquarter in Ulm, Germany and working on China projects for over 16 years. Our consulting services cover a broad spectrum ranging from Factory and Logistic planning to Improving Production and Business Operation Efficiency. We have been doing successful business for more than 39 years with over 5.570 projects around the globe. Our clients from almost all industries have been benefiting from the application flexibility of our 515 employees.

Wuhan Dreiburg Business Consulting

Wuhan Dreiburg Business Consulting Co., Ltd., shortly  DBC, is located right in the core of the Wuhan East-Lake New Technology Development Zone ( also known as Optics Valley China) and is a steadily growing Company which aims at providing high-quality and rigorous consulting services in the areas of Chinese-European business promotion, development and transaction. 

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