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04 | 2015 | Corporate Lawyer Philip Lazare - Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

by OLIVIA HELVADJIAN - Philip Lazare is a partner at the Shanghai office of the international law firm Luther. He has advised clients with labor and compliance issues, and is legal adviser to China’s 1st Handicapped Workshop in Taicang, Jiangsu Province. more

03 | 2015 | Mr. Xi Goes to Africa

by YUN SUN - China and the African Infrastructure Development: In the past decade, China has emerged as a major external provider of financing to Africa’s infrastructure development. While the exact volume of such financing remains uncertain, due to... more

02 | 2015 | Smart Cities of Today

by PASCAL HARTMANN - All around the world, cities are transformed into smart cities. As citywide access to the internet has become the norm almost everywhere, information-gathering technologies – such as cameras and sensors – are being installed... more

06 | 2014 | I, Kuka - Mr. Kong Bing on the Future of Robotics in China

by CAITLIN WAGGONER - From his start as a robot service engineer in a Nanjing automobile factory more than 20 years ago, to his position today as CEO of KUKA Robotics China, Mr. Kong Bing’s career has developed apace with one of China’s fastest... more

06 | 2014 | The Art of Lean Communication

by MARY REZEK - Conciseness is your professional responsibility. Many consider it a skill that leaders need. Those seeking promotions must practice it as well. Though this may seem obvious, it requires constant discipline and diligence. more

05 | 2014 | How Today's China is Turning Green

by JOHN PABON - “The East is Grey”, “As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremes”, “Extinction by Traditional Chinese Medicine – An Environmental Disaster”. These recent headlines paint China as a dystopian wasteland, where factories... more



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