New Visa Application Process for AHK Member Companies starting October 12th, 2015

30.09.15 AHK China - News-Hauptkategorie, Chamber, German Industry & Commerce

As of October 12th 2015, the new Visa Information System (VIS) will come into force, requiring all persons applying for Schengen visa to have their fingerprints captured. This requires certain changes to the current visa application process provided by the AHK to its members, however there will be a special fast track service for employees of AHK member companies.

Applicants can apply either through the German Embassy and Consulates General or TLScontact. In order to benefit from the AHK fast track service for handling of visa applications, in the coming days the AHK will provide each 2015 member company with a scanned copy of a membership certificate free of charge. The original of this membership certificate will be sent to the German Embassy/Consulates General.

The attached letters from the German Embassy Beijing and TLScontact provide you with further details regarding the new procedure.

In addition, if you need further assistance with regards to your visa applications our service team at GIC will be happy to guide you through the whole process from preparation of documents to submitting the full application. Find our contact information here:

Applications under the current process that do not need fingerprints can be submitted with us until October 8th. Please note that our office in Shanghai is closed for the national holidays from October 1st - 5th and our office in Beijing and Guangzhou from October 1st - 7th.


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