Belt & Road Brand Expo 2018 • Shanghai & Chongqing

Belt & Road Brand Expo 2018 • Shanghai & Chongqing

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2018年06月09日 | 09:00 上午
2018年07月08日 - 06:00 下午
Shanghai Exhibition Center;Chongqing International Expo Center

I. Basic information of the exhibition



a) Theme:Quality Life to Share

b) Time: June 29 - July 1, 2018

c) Venue:Shanghai Exhibition Center(No. 1000 Middle Yan An Road, Shanghai)

d)  Organizing Structure:


Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai

Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai


Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd

World Trade Center Association Shanghai



a) Theme:Quality Life to Share

b) Time:July 6-8, 2018

c) Venue:Chongqing International Expo Center (No 66, Yuelai Avenue , Yubei District, Chongqing)

d) Organizing Structure:


Chongqing Commerce Commission


Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai

Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai


Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd

World Trade Center Association Shanghai

Chongqing Huyu International Exhibition Co., Ltd



- Food & Drink

Coffee, Tea, Alcohol, Edible Oil, Snacks, Condiment, Aquatic Product*, Meat and Finished Product*, Green Food, Agricultural Product (Non-seed and non-grain processed products)*, Dairy*, Fruit*, Healthcare Product, etc.

(Exhibits with * shall be referred to the Organizer for import licensing matters)


Jewelry, Cosmetics, Apparel, Fashion, Handicrafts, Furnishing and Decoration, Home Appliances, etc.

Tourism & Culture

Scenic Spot, Tourism Product, Tourism Organization, Board, Lodging and Transportation, Featured Culture, Exotic Product, Education, Art, etc.

Sport & Health

Sport, Healthcare Product and Service, etc.

Investment & Trade

Investment, Financing, Consultancy, Technology Transfer, Brand Franchising, etc.



  • Related Foreign Organizations and Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Foreign Representatives in China, International Trade and Commerce Entities, etc.
  • Distributor, Agent, Importer, Exporter, Wholesaler, Purchaser, Manufacturer, E-commerce, On-line Retailer, etc.
  • Department Store, Supermarket, Chain Store, Imported Product Retailer, Hotel, Restaurant, Franchisee, etc.
  • Legal Consultancy, R&D Institute, Professional and Expert, etc.
  • Individual Consumers. 



  • Roadshow: Release national specialty, trade and investment policies, history, culture, etc.
  • Match-makingArrange tailor-made meetings between exhibitors and visitors via pre-event matching.
  • LOHAS experience : Discover cuisine, handicraft and culture from the world’s five continents
  • Show Time: Enjoy exotic art performances from participating countries.  
  • Game Interaction: Win awards by competing in on-site contests and games.
  • Master Class: Have a hands-on experience of jewelry, wine, Thanka, carpets, cigars, woodcarving and more under the guidance of masters and experts.


6. Prepare the invitation media type

Television、Radio、Newspapers、Website、New Media、Forum、News agency






Standard Booth

RMB10000/unit (9 m2)

Walls on sides, carpeted floor, fascia board in Chinese and English, 1 information counter, 2 chairs, 1 electric socket and 2 spot lights.

Raw Space

above 36 m2

None. On your own construction.

To guarantee Expo branding, corporate reputation, and product quality, the Organizer shall verify the applicant’s qualification before acceptance.



IIIRecommended ways of cooperation (The cooperation program is to be continued.)

1. The chamber of commerce will organize enterprises to participate in the exhibition. And the Chamber will be paid the commission base on the actual revenue generated by the booths organized.

The commission will be calculated by the actual participation fee, and the commission rate will float according to the area of Booths the Chamber organized. The commission rate is as below:

Square( m²)

Commission (%)







2、We will give a fixed price to the chamber of commerce. The chamber will be responsible for selling the booths. The chamber of commerce can set its own selling price, and the extra income which above the fixed price will belong to the chamber of commerce.




1、Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the plan to hold “China International Import Expo” in 2018 while attending the “Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation” held in Beijing in May 2017, further demonstrating China’s resolution for a new round of opening up its market to the outside world. In this context, Belt & Road Brand Expo 2017 received strong support from nearly 200 embassies and consulates, foreign chambers of commerce and economic representative offices in Shanghai. The attention from all sectors of the community fully reflects that the favorable policies brought by the Initiative have given strong momentum to global trade and investment, and reaffirms China’s status as a business-friendly city characterized by internationalization, rule of law and business facilitation.


2. SHANGHAI- Capital of International Expo

Economic Center of China: Chinese Cities GDP Ranking: No. 1 (USD 477 Billion) Population: 24 million+

Established China’s 1st Free Trade Zone in 2013.

A Forerunner in "Belt and Road" construction.

Business-friendly city characterized by internationalization, rule of law and business facilitation.


3. CHONGQING – City Of Opportunities

The only municipality in Western China

l   City of Opportunities:  

  • Population: 30.48 million
  • GDP growth rate:Double- digit growth for 10 years, ranking 4th in 2017

l   At Crossroad of 3 economic belts:  Silk Road Economic Belt, 

  • China - Indo-China Peninsula Economic Corridor, Yangtze River Economic Belt

China (Chongqing) Pilot Free Trade Zone set up in 2017

Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe International Railway turns Chongqing into a key Gateway connecting Europe, Asia-Pacific Region and ASEAN.


4. “BELT & ROAD BRAND EXPO” is a series of "One Belt And One Road" famous products sponsored by Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai . China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Sub-council (Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai) was founded in 1956 and is the earliest regional Sub-council of CCPIT. In August 2002, with the ratification of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, it is also titled CCPIT Shanghai.

CCPIT Shanghai Sub-council (CCPIT Shanghai) is a semi-governmental foreign trade promotion organization and a group member of CCPIT, under whose leadership; it coordinates its work with CCPIT. In the meantime, CCPIT Shanghai Sub-council (CCPIT Shanghai) provides guidance and coordination for local district-county trade promotion organizations in Shanghai.

Under the overall principle of promoting trade, investment and economic and technical cooperation as well as increasing mutual understanding and friendship between Shanghai and other countries and regions throughout the world, CCPIT Shanghai Sub-council(CCPIT Shanghai) provides service in the field of international liaison, conventions and exhibitions, legal service and arbitration, etc. It also undertakes business entrusted by relevant departments of the local government and plays a unique role as a “Non-governmental Economic Ambassador”.


5. The first CHINA INTERNATIONAL IMPORT EXPO will be held in Shanghai On November 5-10, 2018 in Shanghai .CCPIT Shanghai, as one of the six organizers, will be responsible for the organization of the Auto section. They can share information with the members of the Chamber.


6. In 2017, the exhibition has made quite successful achievements in the media publicity, and got the positive feedback by the exhibitors. The exhibition site reports received more than 40 domestic and foreign media, more than 60 reporters.

It released overall 1,366 articles, more than 65 articles for the new media and 500,000 times cumulative amount by reading and watching.

7. The exhibition site provides professional one-by-one match-making for the exhibitors. In 2017, professional buyers such as Suning,, Metro, Bailian group and Liangyou group have made positive comments on the exhibition. And they are looking forward to participating again.


In case you have any further requirements or questions, please feel free to let us know.

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