Financing and hedging of foreign business transactions: BMWi’s publishes annual report 2016 on investment guarantees

2017年04月21日 AHK China - News-Hauptkategorie, Market Information

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has released its annual report on investment guarantees. In 2016, the Federal Government has covered foreign business transactions in the amount of EUR 4.3 bn for 72 projects in 22 countries. Significant investment countries were Russia, followed by China, India, Turkey as well as Indonesia. However, the Federal Government has also hedged investments in countries like Iran, Honduras and Morocco.

On application of companies headquartered in Germany, the Federal Government offers guarantees for their foreign investments and a protection from political risks in return for payment. However, an adequate legal protection of the investment in the target country is an essential prerequisite. Economic risks are not covered.

Further information (all in German):

Press release of BMWi

Annual report 2016 on investment guarantees

Additional information (e.g. guidelines or application process)

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