DIHK-Economic-Survey Early Summer 2017: Strong economy, lack of skilled employees

2017年06月12日 AHK China - News-Hauptkategorie, German Industry & Commerce

The booming of the German economy has been consolidated in early summer 2017 and positive expectations from the beginning of the year have been realized. Companies expect better business, want to invest more domestically as well as further expand employment. In the light of the Economic-Survey Early Summer 2017, the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) increases its economic growth forecast to 1.8 percent for the current year (economic growth forecast at the beginning of the year: 1.6 percent), even if a lot of risks remain. Also, employment continues to grow. The DIHK expects half a million new jobs for 2017 (forecast at the beginning of the year: 350.000). However, the greatest limiting factor remains the increasingly severe shortage of skilled employees. For the first time, more than half of the companies worry about this trend which could jeopardize business developments.

For more details about the DIHK-Economic-Survey Early Summer 2017, please have a look at the following documents and the press release of the DIHK (in German):

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