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Econet Monitor Issues 2018

June 2018 (in German)

  • Building Envelopes, Heating Systems and Building-integrated Photovoltaics in China – Developments and Market Opportunities
  • 10 years of Energy-efficient and Sustainable Building in China
  • China’s Battery Cell Industry gets Ready to Overtake
  • Networking Event – Climate Protection at Airports in China

June 2018 (in English and Chinese)

  • China Upgrades Environmental Governance
  • 10 Years of Energy-efficient and Sustainable Building in China
  • Drop by Drop – Better Management Makes Dents in China’s Water Stress

April 2018 (in German)

  • Progressive regression - China's ecological restoration measures
  • Electric mobility in cities - An international comparison between Hamburg and Shenzhen
  • Energy export initiative - New markets for German energy solutions
  • China's new environmental protection tax

Special Edition "Green Building" (in English and Chinese)

  • Sino-German cooperation on building energy efficiency and urbanisation   
  • Market opportunities and developments in the Chinese building sector
  • Challenges, innovative solutions and trends

January 2018 (in German)

  • Reviving of China's lost land 
  • China's high-quality doors and windows customers are buying more local products
  • Taiwan in transition - Nuclear power phase-out opens up new markets 
  • Networking Meeting - Launch of China's national emissions trading system 

Econet Monitor Issues 2017

December 2017 (in English and Chinese)

  • Xiongan New Area - A Future Solution for Jing-Jin-Ji Regional Development
  • Aquaponics - New Prospects for the Aquaculture Sector
  • China is Sorting its Waste and Recycling Sector 

October 2017 (in German)

  • Bad Air caused by China‘s heating: Opportunities for Emissions Reduction and Enhancing Efficiency in the Heating Sector
  • Digitaliization of the Economy and Sustainable Energy Supply
  • Hyperaccumulators against China’s Soil Pollution
  • China implements a Quota for Electric Cars from 2019

September 2017 (in English and Chinese)

  • The Path Towards Water Protection in China
  • Cooling and Dehumidifying Indoor Environments using the Chilled Water Wall
  • Networking Meeting – China's Climate South-South Cooperation: New Opportunities for Sino-German Collaboration

August 2017 (in German)

  • Soil as China's Ecological Trouble Spot
  • Offshore Wind Energy in Taiwan: Delegation Trip and Symposium
  • “Green Insurance” – Sustainability in China's Insurance Market
  • Subsidies Reduction and Stringent Requirements for Electric Vehicles in China

June 2017 (in German)

  • Biogas in North China – Development and Market Potential
  • China enhances consolidation of Steel Industry
  • Taiwan: Among the most attractive locations for Offshore Wind Farms
  • Networking Meeting: China’s new Environmental Protection Tax Law

June 2017 (in English and Chinese)

  • China's Belt and Road Initiative – New Dynamics for Sustainable Growth?
  • Water Stress and its Drivers in China
  • Interview: Generating Value through Climate Protection & Sustainability

April 2017 (in German)

  • Bike-Sharing in China – a Sustainable Solution for Cities?
  • Sino-German Conference on Sustainable Urban Development in China
  • China is World’s Biggest Wind Market
  • China Improves Quality of its Photovoltaic Industry

Special Edition "Green Building" (in English and Chinese)

  • Sino-German cooperation on building energy efficiency and urbanisation   
  • Market opportunities and developments in the Chinese building sector
  • Challenges, innovative solutions and trends

January 2017 (in German)

  • Chinas Städte im Kampf gegen Smog
  • China investiert massiv in Neue Seidenstraßen
  • Exportinitiative Energie – Neue Märkte in China für deutsche Energielösungen
  • Carsharing als Lösung zur Verkehrsentlastung in chinesischen Städten

Econet Monitor Issues 2016

December 2016 (in English and Chinese)

  • Engaging Stakeholders – A Networking Approach for Sharing Experiences and Facilitating Partnerships in the Chinese Carbon Market
  • Green Hospital in Hainan – China’s First DGNB Healthcare Accreditation
  • Are Chinese Investors still Interested in Europe’s Solar & Wind Sectors?

November 2016 (in German)

  • "Sponge Cities" in China - Solutions for Flooding and Water Shortage in Cities
  • China in Need of Modern Building Equipment and Appliances
  • Sino-German Smart Energy Forum in Guangzhou
  • Electric Mobility in China – Business Delegation Trip to Beijing and Shanghai

September 2016 (in English and Chinese)

  • China Moves towards Environmental Taxation to Combat Pollution 
  • Sustainability Finds its Way into Chinese Football
  • Putting a Price on Carbon

August 2016 (in German)

  • Electric Mobility in China - Developments, Strategies and Market Opportunities
  • Networking Event – Calculation and Verification of Carbon Emissions under the National Emissions Trading System
  • The Voluntary Carbon Market after the Paris Agreement – Boom or Bust?

June 2016 (in English and Chinese)

  • Grid Integration and Renewable Energy in China: Developments & Market Potential
  • Assessing Passive Building Performance in China – Revision Required?
  • Mitigating Liability Risks under the Revised Chinese Environmental Protection Law

June 2016 (in German)

  • Geothermal Energy in China – Developments and Market Opportunities
  • German-Chinese Conference on Sustainable Urban Development in China
  • Analysis of the Chinese Market for New Energy Vehicles
  • Interview: Increased Demand for German Environmental Protection Solutions in China

April 2016 (in German)

  • New Five-Year-Plan – Route to a Sustainable Future in China?
  • Sustainable Building in China as an Opportunity for German Enterprises
  • Fact-Finding Mission to Berlin regarding Grid Integration of Renewable Energies  
  • Interview: German Recycling-Know-How requested in China

Econet Monitor特刊  ”绿色建筑“  (中英双语)

  • 中德两国在建筑,能效和城市化领域的合作
  • 中国建筑领域的市场机遇和发展
  • 挑战,创新的解决方案和发展趋势

January 2016 (in German)
New Policies and Measures for Environmental Protection in China

  • “The New Normal” – New Perspectives for China's Environmental and Energy Policy
  • The new Environmental Protection Law from 2015 – First Experiences with Implementation
  • Networking Meeting – China's Emissions Trading System: Status, Challenges and Perspectives

Econet Monitor Issues 2015

December 2015 (in English and Chinese)

  • 中国常年污染问题 — 隧道尽头的光明?
  • 建筑节能项目展示 — 华北地区德国建筑节能解决方案
  • 第21届联合国气候变化大会——对抗全球变暖的历史性步伐  

October 2015 (in German)
Jing-Jin-Ji – Rise of the World's Largest Metropolis?

  • Green Building Symposium and Roadshow in South China's Fujian Province
  • Can Beijing Re-invent the Bicycle? – Evaluation of the First Pilot Phase of Developing Bike-Sharing
  • "Electric Mobility in China – Development and Market Opportunities": Roadshow in Germany

September 2015 (in English and Chinese)

  • Awakening From the Slumber: Post-Fukushima Nuclear Power Development in China
  • The Passive House Today and Beyond 2015 – Developments and Trends 2015
  • Research Institutions as Key Actors in Beijing‘s Climate Policy Decision-Making

August 2015 (in German)
Transnational Pipeline Construction – Chinas New "Energy Highways"?

  • Three Days – Three Locations – One Topic: Market Opportunities and Perspectives for Green Building in South China
  • Declining Coal Production in China – The Beginning of the End for "Big Coal"?
  • Chinese Foundations as New Stakeholders in China's Environmental Policy

June 2015 (in German)

  • Sino-German House in Shenyang - A journey to a collective showpiece
  • On the way to an energy-efficient and climate-friendly city
  • Delegation to South Germany for energy efficiency in buildings

June 2015 (in English and Chinese) 

  • Distributed Energy Supply Using Renewable Energy Sources - The Case for China
  • How to be "Officially" Green - Green Building Labeling in China
  • Water Scarcity and Hydraulic Fracturing - A Contradiction? 

April 2015 (in German)
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank - Germany's share in Asia's sustainable development  

  • First urban district in China prepares for DGNB-certification
  • Challenges for developing a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Beijing
  • Vertical Farming - Agriculture 3.0

Special Edition "Green Building" (in English and Chinese)

  • Sino-German cooperation on building energy efficiency and urbanisation
  • Market opportunities and developments in the Chinese building sector
  • Challenges, innovative solutions and trends


January 2015 (in German)

Cheap Oil - Obstacle for China's Green Growth? 

  • Green Building: Investment and Market Opportunities
  • Biogas Production - Efficiency Improvements through Measuring
  • Sustainable Energy Recovery from Sewage and the Surrounding Soil

Econet Monitor Issues 2014

November 2014 (in German)
China's New Improved Environmental Protection Law

  • German Expertise for Sustainable Urban Planing in China
  • China's New Climate Protection Goals and the Evolving Carbon-Offset-Market
  • Change in China's Boiler-Market

November 2014 (in Chinese)

  • 德国内外墙体节能环保工艺在中国生态建筑中的应用
  • 沈阳中德发动机生产节能项目
  • 外企在中国碳市场的经验与机遇

October 2014 (in German)
China's Water Shortage - Market-Based Mechanisms as a Solution

  • Energy Efficiency for the Production Line of a Sino-German Motor Plant
  • PV-Rooftop Installations for Energy Generation in China
  • Carbon Capture and Storage - A Viable Option for China?

Special Edition "E-Mobility"电动汽车特刊 (in German and Chinese)

  • Sino-German cooperation on E-Mobility 中德两国在电动汽车领域的合作
  • Development and strategies for electric vehicles in China and Germany
  • Challenges, solutions and technical trends 挑战,解决方案和技术趋势

August 2014 (in German)
Building Industrialization - a new growth market for German businesses

  • China's Green Building Sector - Market opportunities and challenges
  • Adapting to extreme weather conditions - Is China prepared?
  • "Operation Green Fence" - China's big scale waste separation

July 2014 (in Chinese)

  • 水处理领域碳减排的机遇和挑战
  • 欧洲典型“零能耗建筑”示范工程技术措施研究
  • 中德能效论坛

May 2014 (in German)
New framework for promoting a more sustainable development of Chinese photovoltaic industry

  • Blower-door tests for Chinese passive houses
  • Panel on energy efficiency with Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel
  • Development status of energy storage market in China

Special Edition "Green Building Conference 2014" (in Chinese)
建筑能效 — 能源结构转型的核心要素

  • 中国的建筑能效: 制定标准 — 推进能效的第一步
  • econet china — 实践德国绿色科技
  • 国际气候倡议(IKI) — 建筑节能领域重要参与人的能力建设

March 2014 (in German)
China heading for a new urban future

  • China's energy-efficient future made up of green buildings
  • The German Energy Efficiency Export Initiative reaches a new phase
  • Natural gas extraction & CO2 storage in the South China Sea

January 2014 (in German)

Security of Rare Earths Supply still uncertain

  • Energy Efficiency Improvements through Mineral Wool Insulation
  • Networking Meeting: Smart Grid as Driver for Low-Carbon Transition
  • China's Waste Battle

Econet Monitor Issues 2013

December (in Chinese)

华沙气候谈判后的市场机制 - 未来碳市场的大门没有关闭!

  • 中国城镇化的成就与挑战
  • 外墙外保温系统 - 岩棉系统专题技术研讨会
  • 2013 - 中国碳交易迈出第一步

November (in German)

Urbanization in China: successes and challenges

  • Methods to certificate and procure sustainable buildings in China
  • Leadmarkets for electric cars - Which strategies pursued by China and Germany?
  • Results of the UN Climate Conference in Warsaw 

October (in German)

Biogas for domestic use - Program for Climate Protection in Sichuan

  • More Sustainability for China´s public buildings
  • China on its way to a decentralized electricity generation
  • Emission trading: international experiences and orientation in China

August (in German)

Energy measurement in companies as a key element for energy saving

  • Sustainable Urbanisation Park in Shenyang
  • Compromise solution for the solar dispute
  • Green light for China´s carbon trading

Special edition "E-Mobility" 电动汽车特刊  (in German and Chinese)

  • Chinesisch-Deutsche Kooperation bei der Elektromobilität 中德两国在电动汽车领域的合作
  • Entwicklungen und Strategien für Elektroautos in China und Deutschland 中德两国在电动汽车领域的战略发展
  • Herausforderungen, Lösungen und technische Trends 挑战,解决方案和技术趋势

June (in German)

Greentech Report 2013: China at a Crossroads

  • China and Germany jointly contending for Climate Protection
  • Conference on "Climate Change in Cities" in Beijing
  • The global Carbon Market in 2013

May (in Chinese)


  • 碳 交 易 系 统 在 中 国
  • 对话欧洲权威外保温防火专家Ingolf Kotthoff先生
  • 能源转型(Energiewende)解读

Special edition "Green Building Conference" (in Chinese)

双赢的绿色建筑项目 — 抓住机会!跨越障碍!创建协同作用!

  • bigEE – 面向政府决策者和投资者的建筑节能网络知识平台
  • 被动式低能耗住宅示范项目“在水一方”河北 • 秦皇岛
  • 中德技术合作“公共建筑 (中小学校和医院)节能”项目简介

March (in German)

Subsidies for Solar Power in China: From MW to KWh

  • China´s Green Building regulations for the industrial sector
  • China reduces sulfur content in gasoline
  • Taxes against Environmental Pollution

January (in German)

China drowning in Smog

  • Resumption of Reactor Construction in China
  • Hazardous raw materials
  • E-Mobility Workshop: Opportunities and Challenges for German Companies


Econet Monitor Issues 2012

Dezember (in German)

Energiewende goes China

  • Green Building Zertifizierung in China 
  • World Energy Outlook zeigt Herausforderungen auf
  • UN Klimakonferenz in Doha endet mit kleinem Erfolg


November (in German)

Der 18. Parteitag betont Grüne Entwicklung

  • Geschäftschancen für Architekturbüros 
  • Taiwans Photovoltaik-Markt
  • E-Mobilität im Privatsegment 



Oktober (in German)

Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung in China

  • Elektromobilität benötigt nationale Plattform
  • Entwicklung des Energie- und Rohstoffkonsums
  • Eco-novation in chinesischen Öko-Parks



September / Chinese Version

Die Zukunft des Kohlenstoffmarkts

  • Specials zum Kohlenstoffmarkt in China
  • Coalition of the Committed
  • Klimapolitik: Die Illusion des grünen Wachstums



August (in German)

Green-Tech in China: Status Update

  • Smart Grid: Erfahrungen aus Deutschland und China
  • 12. Fünf-Jahres-Plan fokussiert Green-Tech Unternehmen
  • Öffnung für Investionen im Energiesektor



Juni (in German)

E-Mobilität in China: Richtungswechsel der Regierung?

  • 12. Fünf-Jahres-Plan: Energieeffizienz im Gebäudesektor 
  • Chinas „Regenmacher“ – der erbitterte Kampf um Wasser 
  • Emissionshandel in den Startlöchern 



Mai (in German)

Clean Development Mechanism

  • Deutsche Lösungen für Chinas energieeffiziente Städte
  • Entwicklung des Marktes von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien 
  • Hangzhou auf dem Weg zu einer Grünen Vorzeigestadt


April (in German)

German Day auf der 8. Green Building Conference

  • Modernisierung von Chinas Rohstoffsektor
  • Der Kleinwindanlagen-Sektor in China
  • Chinas Antwort auf die jüngste WTO-Klage



März (in German)

Aktueller Blick auf den Energieträger Öl

  • Clean Energy Expo China 2012
  • Emissionshandel in sieben chinesischen Regionen
  • Kreislaufwirtschaft im 12. Fünf-Jahres-Plan 



Februar / Chinese Version

China weiterhin im Fokus der deutschen Wasserwirtschaft

  • Deutsche Aktivitäten im Passivhaus-Sektor
  • Beijings Feinstaubwert PM2,5
  • Chinas größter Offshore-Windpark


Econet Monitor Issues 2011





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