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Corporate Establishment in Hong Kong

The Business Focus Hong Kong gives a detailed description of the various legal options, the steps to be taken and many other considerations that need to be taken into account when setting up in Hong Kong, such as the work permit, leasing contracts, bank accounts, salary packages and more.

Corporate Establishment in Taiwan

This German-language publication provides detailed information about the Taiwanese Company Law and regulations concerning company foundation. It introduces different corporate forms, contains instructions on the establishment process.

Tax Regulations in Taiwan

This edition addresses the importance of local tax regulations as a rudimentary factor in any kind of entrepreneurial or organizational engagement in Taiwan as an overseas target market. This German brochure efficiently outlines Taiwanese tax regulations.


Intellectual Property Rights

This Article adresses some of the most significant questions regarding Intellectual Property Rights in China.

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BusinessFocus China: Market Entry

This Business Survey focus on China's markets, industries and business environment, providing comprehensive and in-depth analysis and guidelines.


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