New German Chamber Ticker online: China Branching Out (February - March)

09.03.18 AHK China - News-Hauptkategorie, German Chamber Ticker Other Publications, Chamber

In the last few years, worldwide foreign investment of Chinese state-owned enterprises and private firms increased. The investments vary from the manufacturing sector, service sector, luxury industry, to the sports industry, and beyond. The record year of outbound M&A deals by Chinese companies so far was 2016 – with 932 deals worth over USD 220 billion, according to PwC China. Some of those outbound deals have attracted great attention, e.g. the high-profile case of Midea, who acquired the German robotic manufacturer KUKA for EUR 5 billion.

This first issue of the German Chamber Ticker in 2018 covers different perspectives including China’s place in relation to the other BRICS nations, internationalization processes of Chinese companies, the convertibility of the RMB as well as political initiatives like “Belt and Road”. Besides this, the issue will point out how German companies ought to prepare in China and Germany to find opportunities within this
changing environment.

We hope that you will enjoy this issue of the German Chamber Ticker!

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