New German Chamber Ticker online: Big Data & E-Society – Changing The Code For Business (February - March)

25.01.17 Chamber, AHK China - News-Hauptkategorie

Big data has been one of the media buzzwords in recent years. The computing of large amounts of information is not only about data volume, it is also about its velocity and variety. Nowadays, big data is already present in a myriad of industries. In the healthcare industry, it helps to predict epidemics, cure diseases and improve the overall quality of life. In finance, big data allows banks and online lenders to evaluate credit worthiness and prospective borrowers, or analyze the risk of investing in certain stakes by inputting stock feeds, tweets and breaking news into complex algorithms.

This edition of German Chamber Ticker sheds light on opportunities and challenges that come along with e-commerce and big data. Moreover, we also highlight the status of artificial intelligence in the world economy. As always, we hope you enjoy reading.


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