Economic Data Sheet June 2018

27.06.18 AHK China - News-Hauptkategorie, Chamber, Economic Data
  • The important macroeconomic indicators of retail sales (+8.5%) and fixed asset investment (+6.1%) display the weakest annualized growth rates for 15 years (retail sales) or even longer (FAI) – though starting from a higher base level than in the past.
  • China’s foreign trade continues its strong performance. Particularly imports showed strong growth in May (+26.0%)
  • German-Chinese bilateral trade grew in the first quarter. Yet the growth halted – at least temporarily – in March: German exports to China decreased by -0.3% year-on-year, German imports from China decreased by -0.8%.
  • Foreign investment in China showed moderate growth in the first five months this year. However, foreign investment from the EU was smaller than last year - this also holds true for German investment in China.
  • Growth of industrial production cooled down slightly to 6.8% year-on-year.
  • Inflation of consumer prices continues its stable path (May: +1.8% year-on-year). 

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