Election of the Board of Directors on March 27th 2014

Dear Members,

Thank you for supporting the candidates and casting your votes at this year's election!

We would hereby like to inform you about the voter participation and the results of the Election of the Board of Directors 2014:

Valid Members: 1580
Casted Votes: 456 (28.9 % voter participation)
Valid votes: 437 Invalid votes: 19 (1.2 %)
Postal votes: 42 (2.6% of valid Members; 9.6 % of valid votes)
Online votes: 343 (21.7% of valid Members; 78.5% of valid votes)
In-Person votes: 53 (3.3% of valid Members; 11.9% of valid votes)

Elected Board of Directors:

1.    Titus von dem Bongart (Chairman old and new)
2.    Bernd Reitmeier
3.    Bettina Schoen-Behanzin
4.    Brigitte Wolff
5.    Rolf Koehler (Vice Chairman old and new)
6.    Ming Ming Liu
7.    Andreas Odrian (Treasurer old and new)
8.    Peter Legner

1.    Successor: Alexander Seitz
2.    Successor: Thomas Dorn

All women who have been running for election have been elected.

Warm regards,
Your Chamber Team