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Economic Data Sheet May 2018

Fixed asset investment and retail sales grew more slowly in April than in the first quarter. In contrast, industrial production accelerated to 7%... more


China Economic Update Q1 2018

The report reveals a variety of significant key figures as well as an overview on the economic situation in China to enable an assessment of the... more


Economic Data Sheet April 2018

In March, China’s imports kept up growth trajectory while exports decreased slightly, generating a rare trade deficit. German-Chinese trade... more


Press Release: Restricted Internet access hampers business activity and development of German companies in China

To better assess the challenges and the impact of the Chinese cybersecurity law on German companies in China, the German Chamber of Commerce has... more


Economic Data Sheet March 2018

The strong development of foreign trade in 2017 continued in the first two months of 2018. Trade volume increased year-on-year by 21.9% and 24.5%... more


New German Chamber Ticker online: China Branching Out (February - March)

In the last few years, worldwide foreign investment of Chinese state-owned enterprises and private firms increased. The investments vary from... more


Economic Data Sheet December 2017

China’s GDP grew by 6.9% in 2017 and has accelerated for the first time since 2010. Foreign trade developed positively in 2017, after declines in... more

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